BBQ Competition Information

Arrival and Check-in 
You should arrive on-site between 9am and 5pm Friday, June 3, 2022.
Look for more information about arrival in a future email. 
Remember, the 5:30 pm cooks meeting is mandatory and we will go right into meat inspections following.

Parking for additional vehicles outside the space is available. Personal vehicles parked in the cook spaces are not allowed in-and-out privileges during the competition. Please park those vehicles in the guest parking spaces. No exceptions outside of emergencies. 

 Future Team Communications 
 Expect additional communications from the event organizer with information regarding additional details and details on arriving at the location.

Award Payment
A completed W-9 must be submitted before actual payment can be made to winning teams. The Award check will be made out to the name provided on the W-9. W-9 forms are available online.

KCBS Master Rules
Click here to download

Grand Champion: $2,500
Reserve Champions: $1,500
3rd Place: $700
4th Place: $300
5th Place: $200
6th Place: $150
7th Place: $125
8th Place: $100
9th Place: $75
10th Place: $50

1st: $400
2nd: $200
3rd: $150
4th: $100
5th: $75
6th: $50
7th: $25
8th: $25
9th: $25
10th: $25

Proceeds from the Kelley Wilson Memorial BBQ Competition benefit the Kelley Wilson Scholarship Fund at Rockhurst High School.
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